This small tribute to the actor Sean Bean consists of screen captures that I made from trailers to be found online for several of his movies.  As you go through the pages, you'll notice that some of the pictures are outlined in green.  If you click on these, you'll download animated GIFs that I put together from sequences of related frames.  The animations are large files, so if you're on a slow connection you'll have to be patient while they download.

If you enjoy the images here and have a website of your own where you would like to use any of them, feel free to do so.  However, I would appreciate a credit if you do, because it was a lot of work for me to track down the trailers, make the captures, clean them up in Photoshop, create the animations, etc.  Thanks!!  --Janice Brooks
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11/16/05 Animations added for Ronin, Equilibrium, and The Big Empty.
11/17/05 Animations added for Tom & Thomas and North Country.