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Alt.Out-of-Body Unlimited!
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Welcome!  This website is the home page for participants in the Usenet group alt.out-of-body.

Please send suggestions for the site, submissions of OBE accounts, and articles describing your own ideas about OBEs to Janice at:
Rogues' Gallery
In Memoriam: Gunnar Ljungstrand
Example OBE Accounts Janice's Playce
Healing OBEs
Julia's Garden
OBE Tips and Techniques
Jerry Gross on Astral Projection
Scary OBEs and Sleep Paralysis Experiences ...
Lair of the Haunt-Dude
... And How to Cope with Them!
PZ's Dungeon
The Lucid Dreaming Nook Hilliard's Hell
What the heck is a "not-snuffy"?
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Back in 1998, Jean Galliano initiated a project to collect OBE, lucid dreaming, and remote viewing accounts from participants in the alt.out-of-body newsgroup.  Contributors included Julia, Gunnar, Trish, Craig, and others who are now less familiar to contemporary posters.   We have prepared a Microsoft Word 6.0 .doc file (this will work in MS Wordpad, so it's OK if you don't have other word processing software) containing all the material that was gathered, which you can download here:

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