from Haunter:
Ok, Haunter's Tips off the top of his balding pate ...

Tip 1: Practice meditating.  There are many forms and you have to try some to find what works best for you.  The main point is in the "trying" ... you find out a lot about yourself by just being quiet and listening to what's going on inside.

Tip 2: Practice keeping your mind awake while the body falls asleep ... this can be an extension of Number 1.

Tip 4: Learn to count.  D'OH!

Tip 3: Set your alarm clock for an hour and a half before your normal waking time.  I've found that disrupting one's sleep pattern is amenable to both LD and OOBE initiation.  Then, when you lie back down after reading about OOBE's, practice your meditation technique and do progressive relaxation from toe to head.  Once the body is fully relaxed and your waking consciousness is still lucid, imagine what it would be like to "lift" upwards or downwards and how those sensations would make you react.

Tip 4: Fear management.  When I first start getting the vibrations and the feeling of inner movement, the first reaction is one of disorientation and at first, fear of what was happening.  One must learn to relax during these moments, much as one fights the fear of falling/flying in lucid dreams.  Once you've experienced it a couple of times, the time lag between "event"/fear/relaxation lessens and you'll decrease your tendency to "snap out of it."

Tip 5: Rehearse what you will do when you first realize you're "out."  For me, I imagine that I will float above my body, slowly turn over, see myself sleeping below, and start to repeat my "relaxation mantra," my self-taught "fear management" techniques.  This helps prevent me from freaking out and letting my heart rate dominate the experience.  In my opinion, until you can do that, your experiences will most likely end at that point if you allow yourself to be shocked by what's happening then ... goes back to Number 4.

Ok, that's a few just off the top.
from Julia:

Decide upon the intent and purpose of the journey.

Lie down in darkness and silence.

Relax the body.  This can take up to ten minutes.  Feel each muscle group, let each one soften and ease in turn.

Heal the body.  Many techniques for this: an easy one is to imagine liquid white light pouring in through the crown of your head, washing all the grit and rubbish out of your body, down until you open valves beneath your feet and let it all drain away into the earth.  Continue the white light until you feel clean and revitalised.

Clear the mind of all the rubbish except your purpose.  See odd thoughts as vehicles on a road, disappearing and the road narrowing until it is a quiet country footpath leading to your purpose.

When you are ready, ask for help in completing your purpose.

If, say, you plan to visit, umm ... The Tower of Pisa, ask for help to do so.  Imagine your soul floating gently up out of your body.  Feel the ceiling above you, and float through it, then through the roof and out into the sky.  Float up, turning over to look down at your house and keep rising until your entire country lies curving beneath you.  Float up until you see the world like a ball beneath you.  Watch the world turn until you see a red light glowing on it, in Pisa, Italy.  Zoom down to the target.

Explore your target, offer healing and help.

When you are ready, ask to return to your body and you get a whoosh like going into warp drive on Star Trek, suddenly finding yourself rested and alert back in yourself.

Thank those who helped you.

See?  Easy!  Enjoy!
Love from  Julia
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