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"IT" - by B. D. Yager

The unseen "It" is an ominous and foreboding creature which has the uncanny ability to amplify your deepest inner fears and hold you within Its clutches without mercy while you mentally writhe in the sweat of your own terror.

It is the faint growl from the shadow in the corner of the child's dark bedroom.  It is the soft scratching of tiny claws on the hardwood floor under the bed. 

And no one else can hear. 

It is the demon face which briefly appears behind you in the smoky mirror and takes your breath away, but vanishes when you gasp and turn to face it.

And no one else can see.  But you do.  Don't you?  Again, and again.

And in the darkness of the night while the world around you peacefully sleeps unaware, you know without doubt that It will come back for you.  Because you are one of the lucky ones -- one of those who becomes alert and conscious during the night, during your darkest nightmares. 

You are one of the ones It seeks out.

And no one else can see, and no one else can hear.  But you do.  Again and again. 

And if you are unfortunate enough to be conscious at the time when the dark shadows of mind materialize as evil forms from the void which drift into reality above your bed and wait for you, then you will see them again.  And they have found you.  And there is no escape from the terror within, for It has become your reality.  You belong to It, and It belongs to you. 

There is no escape. 

And you fear that in death, this Thing may become your most intimate companion -- don't you?  Yet no one else can see, and no one else can hear.  But you do.  Goodnight, my sweet one.  Goodnight.

How merciful can be the night,
To hide what's shown by day.
But kinder still is morning light,
To chase night fears away.
Is that the best you can do?
I gotta get outta here!