from The Original Ken (continued):
So the wind took me on a little tour of the town, in one wall of a home, through the living room or dining area or whatever and then out through another wall without any time in between to look more closely at the interior decor.  A few of the homes had people in them, of course, just minding their own business, doing the dishes or hanging out on the couch or whatever and when I could, as I was passing through, I would get in a quick "Hi there" before passing out the next wall.  I would get some odd looks but mostly just a quick "Hi" back and a wave and that was that, then I'd be gone.

I was enjoying the tour, but I really wanted to learn something new.  The tour was going on now for about ten minutes or so, and so I asked the wind to take me someplace where I can learn something important.  It paid no attention to me and continued the tour, in and out of people's homes.  I insisted that I be led to something important and even requested the same from God as I was really in the mood to get a tidbit of some inner knowledge and gain some new insight.  No such luck, but then the tour ended shortly after that and I was let down on my feet to explore the town as a pedestrian.

There were quite a few people around just doing their thing out on the common area of the town, and I didn't really talk to many except for a few simple exchanges.  I remember at this time I was thinking to myself I had a heck of a lot to write in my journal already and I hope I can remember it all.  At that time I was walking through a large wooden doorway and lo and behold I remember that scene, which leads me to believe, if one just reminds oneself to remember something, it's more likely to happen.  Pay attention, I guess, is the lesson.

OK, by this time half the OBE had passed and I was enjoying the lucidity and clarity of the whole experience.  One thing in particular that was impressed upon me this time out was that there wasn't anything outrageous going on as in some OBEs, like talking animals or futuristic neon signs in the sky or whatever.  It was just an ordinary town, and equally amusing was the fact that I felt like an ordinary guy.  I was walking and not at all flying anymore since the wind left and I didn't even have the thought of flying really.  I sort of did, but it seemed more trouble than it was worth; walking was just fine.  There were several occasions when I walked through some walls just to avoid having to walk around them and even then, some walls were completely impenetrable and I ended up walking around those.  Others I could pass through, a matter of my confidence level at the time I'm sure.  The ones I could pass through were the ones where I just went for it and
knew they wouldn't stop me.

At one point I started to lose my grip on reality (hahaha, doesn't that sound odd) and began to return (via transportation) back to my body.  I immediately gained the vibes back, rolled out again, and without skipping a beat was grabbed by the magnetic wind and taken
back to exactly the same town.

Now here's where things really start getting odd.  A few minutes later, I was walking out the back door of a home onto a porch that had a staircase going down to the alley.  I was going to jump off the porch (about 15 feet up) and fly down but it seemed a little tricky so I decided to descend the stairs by foot.  And then it struck me like a ton of bricks. 
I wasn't OBE anymore!!!!!! A wave of shock swept through me when I realized that I had almost jumped off that porch.  I could have broken a leg!!!  I thought, WOW, I know I was just OBEing but now I'm back in reality.  I looked at my hand and slapped it against the railing; it stung as expected.  I looked around and everything was normal.  I could think clearly and everything was fine.  And I said, "Yep, I'm back in my body."

Now the thing I want to stress here, is that
I had absolutely no recollection of my real reality, so this was the only one I knew!!!! Unlike earlier or when I was on other OBEs where I was fully aware of my waking reality and would try and remember things for my journal when I got back, etc.  This was not the case here.  For all intents and purposes, this was the only life I knew,  everything was normal (no flying pigs etc.) and I was fully sensory aware and thinking normally. I don't know if you can understand the seriousness of what I'm saying here, but the thing is I could have been lying dead back in my real body and I wouldn't have been the wiser for it.  I would have just gone on with this new reality without skipping a beat and never knew that I even died! Total and complete reincarnation!

Fortunately something out of the ordinary did occur a few minutes later.  The magnetic wind picked me up for just a few seconds and flew me out about 100 feet or so and let me gently down on the street.  WOW!!!  I
was still OBE!!!!!!
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