from Frank:
I was sleeping in, one Saturday morning, and was having dreams of pastel light.  The brightest, most exquisite hues of pink, white, lavender, soft blue, yellow, and pale orange. The sheer beauty of the light left me utterly speechless.  The dream consisted of nothing more than these extraordinary clouds of light.

I gradually became aware that I was floating on my back, about three feet above my body, facing the ceiling, and about three feet to the left of it.  I shouted out, "YES!!!  I DID IT!!!" The minute I shouted, the experience began to come to an end.  I slid/drifted down at a 45-degree angle, slow, smooth, and steady, like sliding on a sheet of oiled glass, and re-entered my body.  There was no jarring or any kind of "click!" that so many people describe.  Instead, it was all very smooth and quite pleasant, actually.  (Well, despite the fact that my first-ever OOBE was coming to an end so soon!)

After a brief moment of paralysis or unconsciousness, I sat up, scrambling for my dream journal, to write down every single detail of my experience.  I was euphoric all weekend, but since then, I haven't found a way to re-create this experience.
from Richard W.:
Vibrations started while fully awake.  I attempted two times just leaving, trying to go to a particular target person.  Both times I failed getting away.  Third time, I decided to go with the flow of the experience. 

I was guided to a plaza.  This is hard to describe.  The feeling was that it was indoors, but it must have been huge, almost like a large cathedral.  There was a large group of people.  I flew in over them.  As I swooped in lower, I suddenly felt something grab at my feet.  I wondered what had happened, and felt a sudden sense of recognition, and happiness.

This seemed to be an old friend.  And friend is not the right word.  It is more that this was the essence of what is a friend and companion.  I knew this being from way back.  We flew on together, and finally came to a stop in an outdoor setting. A cross between a park, and a college campus.  Tree-lined walkways, large buildings in the distance.  We went to a bench that was covered in some way, still outside, but like it was designed for privacy.

My friend seemed surprised I was there, and started asking me where I had been and what I was doing now.  I told him (although I do not really remember if I knew at the time if "he" or "she" was appropriate) I had been and still was in a physical body.  He seemed interested that I could be there if that was the case.  I am not sure if I did this to demonstrate, or if something about my body was uncomfortable at that time, but I (there) glanced off to the left, and focused on my body.  I became aware of the breathing, heartbeat, and general feeling of my body.  He of course noticed, and asked what I was doing.  I told him I was monitoring my body because it seemed I had been out for a time, and wanted to be sure things were OK.

We talked a bit more.  (Of course, I do not remember all the details of what we said.  Some things just do not get back.)  We then decided it was time to get back.  We took off to make the return trip.  I followed him this time.  At a point I was alone, and then merged back to my body.  This is one of the few times I have been aware of a return trip.  Usually, the experience just ends way too soon, and I am back.
from The Original Ken:
I had a great hour-long OBE this morning.  Wow!  So much to write.  I'll have to leave out a lot of the details since there is just too much, but there were a lot of noteworthy things I got out of this one.

First, the OBE occurred shortly after I woke up at around 4:30, and I set my alarm for 6:30 so I wouldn't sleep too late.  Lay in bed for awhile and then shortly after 5:00 it looked like I might drift off back to sleep again, but instead I felt the gentle but familiar vibrations and I was very glad to see I was about to go OBE.  I drifted right out and went immediately to another plane of existence via the magnetic wind.  I arrived in a quaint community.  It looked like it was probably the present era, but a lot of the houses were more like what you would see in an old New England town.  Very stylish 100-year-old homes.

The magnetic wind was very active in this OBE, which was fine with me since there were a lot of sights to see and it looked like I might have a lot of walking to do.  For some reason, self-powered flight was somewhat in the back of my mind although on occasion I used it to jump out of second-story walls onto the street below without crashing.
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