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I closed my eyes and rolled onto my left side. Within a couple of minutes, I started to feel very "heavy" and was getting lots of hypnogogic flashes, visually.  I almost forced myself to come out of it until I realized what was happening!  Silly me, it had been so long since actually having an OOBE I had forgotten what it felt like and had intellectually glossed over just how "physical" they are all these intervening years.  It's not like riding a bicycle, is it?  I mean, without practice, you do forget the process.

So, I allow myself to relax mentally and just go with the vibrations that occured.  One major difference I should make note of is that a few years ago, I lost all hearing in my right ear due to too many loud concerts in my 20's (youngsters, make a note :).  So what was missing was that "rushing" sound I used to hear in the early stages.  I remember particularly this omission after seeing quite a few of you talking about it on the newsgroup. I felt my arms and legs "coming out" and my torso was next, but I'll be damned if my head didn't want to go with the rest of it.  Consequently, I "rose up" in the head-down position and this kept me from getting out completely.  I felt like one of those "break dancers" spinning around on the cardboard on their heads -- it was a helluva weird feeling.  I have to believe it was my lying on my side that held me "in" for some reason.  Anyway, I tried three times to break free and just couldn't do it for some reason and finally came back into my body.  However, I'm so jazzed by the experience, it's reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the process and I know now that there IS OOBE after 40 :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you before the details of the memory faded.
My friends, I had my first full-blown OBE just an hour ago and I'm really jazzed!  Some of you may recall my report of having a near OBE not long ago -- everything but my head pulled out and I did a slow "breakdance," turning in circles slowly as I tried three times to get my head to disconnect -- it was wild!  But THIS was the first "all-body" OBE since the early '80s and I owe it all to you guys here on the newsgroup!

I recall vividly falling down below my bed before realizing what had happened.  Just as in my near OBE, I was very aware of the lack of any sound.   I attributed it the first time to the total deafness in my right ear that happened a couple of years ago (too many loud concerts and having the volume turned to 11 on a 10 scale took its toll over time).  As I gained control of myself, I floated up above my reclined body, laughing with joy.  Visually, it was like an acid trip: everything was slightly out of sych, that cool silver and purple glow along all the edges of items in my view, vibrating slightly.

I decided to go outside and sure enough, there I was flying around my neighborhood -- it was SO cool. It was much more intense and real than my regular flying dreams!  Then, remembering the recent discussion about powerlines, I headed for our local power grid.  As I approached, I remember cartwheeling my arms to slow down then, upon contact, I looked down and watched with fascination as the powerline pushed into my body, much like a string being pulled through jello.  I even felt it coming out my back, pulling my "astral skin" slightly then snapping all the way through.  It was such a fascinating moment, I turned and did it two more times, laughing at the effect!  I was really doing well; everything in the universe seemed so small, so insignificant.  There was no hesitation, none of the dreary, daily worries that make up the dull daytime activities; I was FREE!!  Ha, I can't help but smile even as I type this.

Then, something from yesterday entered my mind.  A member of the lucid dream newsgroup and I had been having a discussion about the state of science in our money-driven society and suddenly, it was important for me to say something to her that I'd left out in my last post.  Instantly, I was flying very high over the land.  I even looked up, hoping to catch some meteors coming in from the Leonid shower still going on (I didn't see any, sad to say). Without warning, I lost altitude REALLY fast.  Again, I very clearly remember cartwheeling my arms as I approached the ground, a natural bodily action, for me at least, in an attempt to keep myself "righted" as I came into a large town from above.

I approached the top of a building and instantly, after closing my eyes just before hitting the roof, I was inside this strange condominium/apartment. It was an "open ceiling" design above the living room with a "loft" structure overlooking it -- you could look down from the loft into the living room below.  Seated at a table that had a PC which was currently turned off, I saw a woman writing on a legal pad on a pullout platform in the desk.  I slowly floated towards her, hoping it was this woman I mentioned, and as I came even with the opening of the loft, she appeared to look up with a curious "looking around" countenance.  I tried to talk to her, telling her who I was and why I was there but she didn't appear to hear or see me -- well, DUH!  :)  Anyway, after a few moments, I heard the barking of a small dog, a terrier, I think, and she got up and walked around the corner, heading downstairs.

Disappointed, I lost concentration and was immediately flying overhead again, heading home.  I slowly sank down through the roof of my house, making a note of a bird's nest just under the eaves on the side of the house (yes, I just checked and it IS there) and floated peacefully down to the sleeping form below and my OBE ended.  It was SUCH a TRIP!!  In all ways :)  Anyway, I wanted to write it all down while it was still vivid in my mind.  Thanks to all of you and this wonderful group, without whom I'm sure this wouldn't have happened.
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