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What the Heck Is a Not-Snuffy?!
Snuffy is Janice's and Jay's cat.  Here is his picture from one New Year's Eve (ever the party animal).
Since this is Snuffy, everything else is not Snuffy, by definition.  Yet various small items around the house have the curious habit of masquerading as Snuffy when glimpsed out of the corner of one's eye.  At first glance, Janice's hand vac sitting on the chair looks just like Snuffy.  So do Jay's sneakers on the floor.  A second glance puts the wayward items back in their true form.
This is Snuffy.
Neither is this.
This is not Snuffy.
This happens so often that Janice and Jay call everything that puckishly pretends to be Snuffy a "not-snuffy."  More broadly, any item that provokes a similar misperception, or even the misperception itself, can be called a not-snuffy.
What does this have to do with OBEs or lucid dreams?  Well, when we dream, we usually find ourselves in an unstable environment that can't always give us the steady cues we need to correct such misperceptions.  Our not-snuffies run amok, untamed by reality checks.  So wondering about and taking a closer look at strange dream images, rather than helping us puzzle them out as in the case of a mundane vacuum cleaner initially mistaken for a cat, often serves only to mutate them or increase their bizarreness.   What at first looks like a weird bug you may soon decide is a scorpion, then a poison dart frog, then before you know it there are noxious vermin everywhere you look.
In any case, it seems that several alt.out-of-body posters are "cat people."  Click below to see a "Mogs' Gallery" of some of their own past or present not-snuffies.
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