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Titles and Courtly Appointments
In Ye Kingdom of Altoobe
Ye Royalty

Queen Janice; Dream Queen; Her Majesty Queen Janice the First, Lady Protectress of the Lucid Dream, Mistress of the Astral Inquisition, Supreme Exponent of the Out-of-Body Experience, and Snuffy's Mum!

Jay: Prince Consort

Ye Knights

Haunter: Lord Haunter, Seneschal of the Royal Order of the Sleep-Depraved

Bruce: Sir Bruce, Master at Arms; Earl of the Red Pajama Sweater Thing; Duke of the Leather Bracelet; Castle Chaplain; also known as "Schultzy"

Tien Yen: Sir Tien Yen of Shaolin; Royal Water Dragon, Spiritual Warrior, Knight Errant, and Protector of the Faith; Duke of the Dictionary

Ian: Sir Ian the Blameless, Knight in Laurels; the Queen's Own Advocate, Keeper of the Royal Not-Snuffy #1, and Royal Despoiler of Virgins (European Branch)

Ken: Sir Ken the Original, Royal Despoiler of Virgins (North American Branch); aka Knight of the Royal Despoil

Dominic: Sir Syralid, Holy Paladin, Traveler and Explorer

Leo: Sir Get Reel (the "Get" is required to free him from the spell of the fairy reel)

Sherilyn: Knight in White Satin

PZ: the Black Knight, the Scourge of Woowoory; the Dungeon Master, Royal Executioner and Torturer of Rodents; on the side, His Malevolence and Malefic Majesty, the largely unacknowledged Lord of the Universe

Ye Ladies

Trish: Countess Terminatrix, the Countess of Questioning; Assistant Dungeon Master and Poker Heater; Keeper of the Royal Not-Snuffy #2 and Keeper of Sundry Primates; formerly lady-in-waiting to the Queen

Dorothy: Duchess of Fluff and Wanderlust

Lorene: Duchess of the Dictionary, aka Our Lady of the Book of Words; Supreme High Magistrate of the Queen's Judiciary; formerly handmaiden to the Queen

Ye Foreign Nobles et al.

Craig: Grand Duke Craig the Most Paranormal

Mark: Baron Baron

John: Constable John  (self-proclaimed peasant)

Spazzmodicus: Official Court Jester

Frank: Royal Troubadour (declined)

Gunnar: Elf Ranger of the Forest Green

And then there is the one we call ... The One Who Cannot Be Named
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