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Julia's Garden
Revenge is sweet

   I will build you a filigree tower,
   Enclosing itself like a shell.
   Wrought from the ice of a crystal
   And ringing as clear as a bell.
   I will fill it with spun-silver cobwebs, 
   Hung about with the frost of a pearl:
   To each spire I will fasten a banner
   For each breeze to softly unfurl.

   All this I will plant in a garden, 
   Every vista disclosing a bower:
   Verdant with willow and cypress, 
   And every sweet herb and flower.

   Then, smiling gently in envy, 
   The whole of this land I'll enclose
   With soaring and dense palisades 
   Of sharply-thorned ruby red rose.

   And lastly, ecstatic in vengeance,
   Your imprisonment there I will cause;
   Immuring you in my paradise, 
   As you have enthralled me in yours.

   Well; and I have been waiting
   A good many years to meet you, my dear.
   And you so lithe of limb, so tall.
   So beautiful! Your eyes are flashing mirrors
   Cut from iridescent glass!
   Your hair curls just so here
   To take my little finger; Your lips
   Curve thus to implant kisses upon mine.
   Here in your lap I was destined to sit,
   And my breast grew as a pillow
   For your head; And as we look
   Into our mutually mirrored eyes
   Black pools swim open, deep enough
   To lose all sense within.
   Hush; don't spoil it with a word
   Or even name; all that will follow on.
   Just take my hand and walk
   Up, upwards, parting these cloudy skies,
   Like twinned, yin-yang comets
   Departing from this earth.
Flirting with Eternity

    Flirting with Eternity,
    Tangled up in Mobius strips,
    Made me begin to consider
    Reaching for your hips.

    Flirting with Eternity,
    And early Christian heresies,
    Made my moral enlightenment
    Develop fantasies.

    Flirting with Eternity,
    And the Nietzchian nemesis,
    Helped me to conceptualize
    The texture of your kiss.

    Flirting with Eternity,
    And the Folk influence of Brahms,
    Helped me transubstantiate
    Across the room into your arms.

    Flirting with Eternity,
    And the Universe inside your head,
    Reminds me -- the one place I don't philosophize
    Is Bed.
Our horned Dilemma
     We, the Literati,
     The homeless, the new ones,
     New women and new men,
     We envy and despise
     Those simple minds
     Which we deserted.

     We psych each other out
     And thus define
     The sharp extremities
     Of all our latent
     And then we fret
     And rack ourselves
     Through sleepless nights
     Reclined on swords
     Wondering how
     To reconcile
     Our natures
     With our achieved

   If everything I said
   And everything I did
   So far
   Puzzled, intrigued,
   Or mystified you

   Then I don't

  What I do care about
   Is the chance
   To discuss it all
   With you.
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