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Janice's Playce
The following is an OBE-related excerpt from Twilight's Kingdom, Janice's fantasy novel.  The book relates the adventures of a young woman who becomes entrapped, during one of her lucid dreams, in a magical, alternate-reality version of Ireland, where her dream control skills qualify her as a magician.  In this scene she gets a "rabbit test" from Lorinar, her druid tutor.
He led her out into the protodawn, their mage-eyes enhancing the scant monochromatic illumination, and took the path towards MacDonnell's croft.  Casting ahead with the witch-perception for a likely place to harbor rabbits, Jean headed unerringly for a bramble thicket, the road and hedgerow on one side and an eastern spur of the woods on another.  Lorinar bade her stop about fifty yards from the shrubbery, and they sat naturalist-still in the dewy grass for a time, while the sun drowsily awakened and the birds began a twittering aubade.

Before long they both descried little gray bundles browsing in the deeper shadows of the underbrush; the scrying had worked.  "You'll have to tolerate my invasion of your mind as we proceed," the druid spoke, softly so as not to alarm the rightful inhabitants of the woodland.  "I have to keep in contact in case you get in trouble."

Jean nodded, apprehensive about this mysterious venture but eager to pass what her tutor obviously considered a milestone in her development.  She relaxed, flinching slightly at Lorinar's tentative probe then accepting his mental touch.  Very good, she felt him say, as with a phantom voice on the edge of the abyss of sleep.  Now pick out a little lagomorph and get him to come to you.

Jean selected one cute fellow who ranged closer to the edge than the others.  Though knowing she could compel this simple creature, she rejected that approach and instead radiated an aura of goodwill, extending a plucked handful of hardy clover and whisperingly cajoling, "Here, bunny."  The rabbit rotated its long ears, and Jean held her breath in innocent delight as it took a few hops towards her and stretched out its bulgy-eyed head to nibble the offering trustingly.  It tolerated a few fingertip caresses on its soft brown fur before finishing the treat and loping back to the sheltering brambles.

Now the guest in her mind instructed Jean to follow the rabbit mentally.  You mean, like an out-of-body projection? she questioned doubtfully.  She had often experienced that eerie disjunctive sensation, but used it as a bridge to lucidity, assuming that others merely mistook their personal lucid dream constructs for an astral plane.

There's no such thing; it's just an altered state to help you extend your perceptions, Lorinar reassured her.  Jean closed her eyes and breathed very slowly to induce a light trance.  As she had done so many times to escape nightmare stasis states, she shifted her awareness from her own body to that of a dream double.  Rather than wait for a mirage setting to develop, however, she homed in on the rabbit, and in an instant seemed to hover over it in the thicket.  She described its movements for Lorinar, keeping track as it ambled along.

See what the rabbit sees, her guide directed, and she phased in with the animal, no longer perceiving the furry animal but shrubbery grown to forest proportions from her reduced perspective, and a strange fishbowl vista of the surrounding scenery.  The rabbit's greatly separated vision took in the world like a wide-angle lens, producing an encompassing but curiously depthless panorama.  Even the colors of the woodland dawn muted, faded to no more than shades of gray.
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