Healing OBEs
from Julia:

I came to see you at about 11:10 P.M. UK time, for about seven  minutes.  I found it very dark for a long time, and couldn't see any images.  Then I got sudden pictures of a pot of daffodils, of a small orange tree, and of a bundle of strings or raffia - I am not sure what it was exactly.  Also an electric guitar standing upright.  I also saw a white rectangular card with five black symbols on it but I could not focus on these.

Then my angel began to speak a list of descriptions of you; aged mid 20s, 24?, slim build, tall, blonde hair thinning at the crown, cut short over the ears, longer at the back.  A small gold stud in left ear.  Wearing a dark green t-shirt, jeans, bare feet.  Lying full length on a bed, wide but not double, white sheets and pillows, dark blue quilt.  Meditating, not asleep.  I bathed you in a blue glow, turning green, and took your hands and pulled you upright. You started to lift up very slowly so I locked my arms around your waist and lifted you straight up through the ceiling and roof (upper storey room, shallow concrete tiled roof) and up into a starry night sky. Lights around but not the orange glow of a large town.  I pointed out the stars and felt you laugh, then you slipped away downwards, as though disbelieving and withdrawing.

A pleasant visit!  Not a lot to go on, I am sure, but I will look forward to hearing your reply.

Love from Julia.


Hi Julia!

I sat a few minutes at the beginning of this mail, not knowing what to write -- I was that astounded and fascinated!  A lot of what you saw was correct.  I don't have daffodils in my room, but in our garden there are quite a lot of them.  The small orange tree was most probably my mostly withered bonsai tree.  I actually do have an electric guitar standing upright in my room.  The bundle of strings may have been my self-built harp which is hanging on my room wall.  I don't know about that rectangular card -- what was its size and color?  The description of myself is also quite good: I am 20 years old, rather slim and tall built.  My hair is of a light brown and rather long -- but since I was lying, it may have looked as if it was short over the ears and forehead.  However, I wore a blue t-shirt, a grey shirt-blouse (unbuttoned), a pair of long jogging trousers, white socks.  I laid on a bed fitting your description, however slightly differently colored.
Now comes the most interesting part.  While meditating, I suddenly felt a presence: yours!  I could sense you embracing me -- a strange, colorful tingling which I had never felt before imbued my whole (spiritual?) body.  It was a very pleasant feeling!  I do not know what happened afterwards, but I think I fell asleep or something like that -- the next thing I remember is that I looked at the clock next to my bed and it was about 4:00 A.M.!

Thank you for that experience!!  I don't know, maybe I was afraid to leave my body, which caused me to return into my mortal hull (which would be a little strange, however, since I have been longing for this for a very long time), but since I don't remember anything while OOB, I really can't tell. Maybe it was also because my meditation was not very good and deep -- I was rather tired and a little exhausted since my day had been quite long and a bit stressful.   (Which I didn't expect it to be when I suggested the Saturday.)  Will you visit me again tonight?  Today I can relax a lot, so I'm sure my mental condition would be better.

Again, thank you for the visit!  This was (combined with that mail of yours :) a very strong impression for me.  I do look differently at things today -- hard to say how, but somehow more sure that this world, our lives are not in vain.  Maybe somehow more "complete" -- I don't know how to express that properly.

Greetings and all best wishes.
from Leo:
November 18, 1995

On November 17, couldn't sleep for an hour or so around 4 or 5 A.M..  After falling asleep had several semi OBEs -- rushing sounds, vibrating -- also got charged by a kind spirit.  That felt good -- not very intense (I was partially attached then, or had just come back) -- or not as intense as the "tree" spirit episode.  Also felt fully out at one point and a spirit was holding my wrists and pulling.  I wanted to go but I likely got afraid or didn't have enough trust.  I felt nothing negative from this spirit at all.  Today I felt energetic and happy all day.

November 20, 1995

Last night just after going to sleep (about midnight), I woke and felt a ball of energy inside of my body.  It felt about the size of a basketball.  It was in my head (or around it) and it seemed I made it move down one side of my body and up the other, temporarily charging the part of my body that it was in, and then it went back to my head and my head felt buzzy and charged.  It was very nice. Before that (I guess I was half awake before that) I thought something about an animal spirit guide coming to me (or it would come to me?).

February 19, 1998

About 2 A.M. [was in] OBE state, but not out (after being awake for an hour or so).  Felt like I (momentarily) went OOB in direction past bottom of feet.  Something like a beam, vertical, starting from my "left" pointed at me (I was at my body again, but in OBE state), moved like it was on a circular path from my left to right.  Energizing.  Stopped when it reached my right side.  I was aware of it for about 180 degrees of movement.  Don't remember it behind me.  Woke to normal state.  This morning when I got up, felt more balanced, like my spirit was mended, healed.  Have been depressed, feeling vulnerable and exposed to the big, nasty world for the past few weeks.  Today felt good.  Felt normal and sane again.  Thank you whoever or whatever healed me.
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