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Then, as I drifted off, I heard a very clear, very distinct voice speaking from just a foot or two from my face, "Sometime to go ..."  My eyes popped open widely and I sat up, heart racing!  It was so clear!  The voice was male, no doubt about that, and the pronunciation very clear.

"What the HELL was THAT?!" I declared out loud.  I swear, I thought there was someone in the room with me, it was that definite a perception.  "Damn," I thought, "this just isn't my night for sleep!" and I shook it off, lying back down.

It took a good twenty minutes for me to get relaxed enough to start drifting off to sleep.  My nose had become slightly more closed up but it wasn't whistling this time -- I made sure of it as I "watched" my body functions and the room around me as I drifted further into hypnagogia-ville.  I was now seeing very definite dreamlike images as my body fully relaxed, and I was about to allow myself to give in to sleep completely when I head a voice again, this time a woman's: "... kitchen colors are too bright ..."!  Very clear and "right next" to my ear.  WHOA!  I sat up, startled.

"What the hell is going ON HERE!" I spoke out loud.  Then, on a slight chance that someone was "visiting" me (hey, at this point, I was convinced that there was something very weird going on!), I spoke out loud, "OK, I'm here, talk to me!"  Nothing.

I was pretty upset at this point.  I got up and grabbed my Sony voice-activated mini cassette recorder and brought it back to bed with me.  I set the sensitivity for the voice activation to "high" and placed it flat onto the bed, turned on but not running because of the silence, and checked that it functioned properly.  "OK," I thought, "if there
is something in the room with me, perhaps I can get it on tape."

I lay down and went through a progressive relaxation exercise that I use when I have trouble falling asleep.  As you might well imagine, even this didn't help much, but I was serious now about finding out what the hell was going on here.  Finally, after I'd worked from toe to head twice, I started to drift off to sleep again, the recorder just to the side of my face as I lay on my left side.  Relaxing ... relaxing ... I started to drift into full Stage 1 sleep, getting full dreamlike images again and letting myself give into them completely.

Then, another male voice: "... coming to town Friday ..."!  SHIT!  I woke up and looked around -- I mean the voice was
right there!  I reached over, turned on my bedside lamp and looked at the cassette.  YES!  It had moved just a little, because I had set it up at the very beginning of the leader and now it had wrapped around the spool at least once, only the brown of the magnetic tape showing.  I rewound it, thinking I might have actually caught a paranormal Electronic Voice Phenomenon!  Cool!

I pressed Play and I heard two distinct "SNORK SNORKS"!!  I had started to
snore and somehow my brain had processed these very brief "SNORKS" into complex, understandable sentences!  A-HA!

So, the mystery was solved.  First, the very recognizable notes of a symphony orchestra string section, caused by the very, very faint whistling in my nose, and now, very distinct voices that were actually my snoring.  So, the point of all this, I suppose, is never,
ever assign a paranormal explanation to a perception/experience until you've fully eliminated all other possible explanations.  There's a good lesson there for anyone who's had similar experiences.

Thanks for listening.
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