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This morning I heard two different types of auditory anomalies and decided to try a little experiment.  I think you'll agree that the results were worth the effort and, I believe, possibly provide a reasonable explanation for a phenomenon too easily and quickly assigned a paranormal origin.  Two factors that seem to apply to my particular situation are warmer weather and an increase in aerial pollen count.  I say this because I'm now using a fan while I sleep and my sinuses have reacted worse this year than in the past to our very warm and wet spring.  The connection will become clear in a moment.

Very early this morning, I woke up from a dream and had a hard time breathing.  My efforts to clear my nose woke me up fully and I lay in bed, sniffing and unable to get back to sleep easily.  Then, as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard music.  Very faint but very distinct classical music that sounded like a string section playing.  I immediately opened my eyes and sat up, listening intently.  I couldn't hear it as I very carefully "scanned" my environment.

I lay back down and after a few minutes, I again found myself paying more attention to my inner hypnagogia as I became more relaxed, and sure enough, there was the music again.  Now, it sounded very real and very melodic.  There was no doubt in my mind that somewhere in my room, there was a radio playing really low.  I opened my eyes and it stopped immediately.

I got up and walked over to my little portable radio I have sitting on a shelf above my computer, which I'll sometimes have on in the backgound as I type away on my word processor.  I checked to see if it was on at a very low volume, but it was not.  Hmmmmm.  I walked to the window and stuck my ear against the screen, trying to determine if someone was out in the street, listening to their radio at 4 A.M.; nope, nothing going on out there.

OK, this was really starting to bug me.  I lay back down and finally, after about 15 minutes of forcing myself to pay attention as I drifted off, I noticed that my sinuses started whistling very, very softly as I passed from relaxed waking state to  Stage 1 sleep!  Sure enough, I repeated this exercise three more times and confirmed that a very slight auditory whistling in my nasal passages was being interpreted as classical music by my brain.  It was pretty funny, actually, once I isolated the source.  Finally, I went into the bathroom and located an old sinus spray bottle and cleared up my nose and figured I could finally get some sleep.

Not yet.  :)

So, I was breathing better and settled back onto the bed, very tired, but smiling about my little discovery.  The music I heard was pure, complex and very real to my brain.  Each time I heard it, the tune was slightly different, but it was perceived as being from an outside source -- there was absolutely no doubt about that conclusion until, of course, I had identified its true source.  So I was happy to have gone to the trouble of keeping my awareness, my "wits" if you will, about me as I fell asleep.  Finally, I could get some z's.
So what happened next?
I'm outta here