from Trish:

Since I have had these experiences most of my life, somewhere along  the line I must have recognized the fact that I was just as powerful, just as strong, as anything I encountered during an OBE.   I don't recall  what my belief system was at the time, but I was very young, so I'm sure I took it more literally than I do now.   Eventually I got tired of being afraid (fear is tiring, isn't it?) and decided to stand up for myself and open up  a can of whoop ass.  Which I did, and still do on occasion.   I tend to approach my OBEs from an aggressive standpoint.  I take what I want, and do what I will -- regardless of what tries to stand in my path.

I'd like to temper that down a bit though.   When I become too aggressive, I usually find myself right back in my body.   It also doesn't do much for my inner development, and answering the never-ending questions I have about the experience in general.  But my aggression may be an expression of the lack of control I feel over my everyday life.  I can admit that.

We all approach our fears in different ways.  I've grabbed a trespasser in my room and repeatedly slammed his head into my bedroom window; I've run from a gunman, hid in a bathroom, and was shot to death with a machine gun; I approached a repeat dream stalker with pure light and love, hugged him, and he never bothered me again; I've even put a gun to my mouth and pulled the trigger, just to find out what would happen.

No fear.  All that you experience is occurring within yourself.   You are the experience.   You make it what you will.   (And whoever said that fear was a good enough reason not to do something?  Think on it.)
"When I dare to be powerful -- to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."
                                              ~  Audre Lorde
Art by J. G. Grandville
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