from Anthony De Battista:

I have been practicing OBE off and on since I was quite young, but didn't know that was what it was.  I just thought they were very lucid or real dreams.  In any case, I had a very vivid encounter with what I at the  time would have described as something very DARK and evil.  (I don't like using that word "evil" as it gives too much power to that energy.) When I encountered this particular evil entity I was stunned by my fear.  I  was woken instantly and I could still see its outline in my room at the end of the bed.  I could see it in my mind's eye and not using sight per se.  I am sure you understand what I am saying.

After having this experience I was turned off all dealings with the spiritual for many many years and the fear enveloped me at times whenever I was put into that same type of situation.  Years later I realised and learned and read that in order for evil or negativity to grow or succeed in its mission there must be no light, no love .... With the energy of love, evil cannot exist.  This evil can be just your plain fear that created something or you might have an entity that has decided to cause problems for you.  Either way, the power of love and light is very strong.

In evidence to this I told my brother something similar to this a few years ago, as he too was having problems when out of body.  He told me of how he would walk around his house scared out of his tree that he was out of his body.  He was also scared about something close by him all the time.  In his mind this was something evil.

This went on for many years until he spoke of it to me.  I told him that the next time he comes across this evil he is to muster up as much love as possible and send it to it from his heart.   He did this a week later and when he did he was surprised to find two people standing in front of him.  One, a red haired lady, and another a short, balding man.  They were both laughing and saying to him how it took him so long to figure out that it was his own fear which made it impossible for them to be seen by him; once that was gone he was able to continue ....

So, Janice, I take my leave and send you all of my love. I hope that you
have fantastic travels and learn tons and tons.
from Haunter:

Overcoming Fear

Janice has asked for my personal tips about how I go about handling the monsters and ghoulies that can inhabit OBEs/sleep paralysis episodes.  How we handle fear is a very personal thing.  Parapsychologists have labeled this element of the psyche, "the ability to cope with ambiguous perceptions."  I'm not sure that putting my own technique to paper will really help anyone, since my technique seems to have generated more humor than anything else, but for what it's worth, here it is.

Some people whistle past graveyards as a way of distracting themselves from the imagined spookiness; some people find great solace in saying a prayer when fear wells up in the gut; me, I sing a few stanzas from a song by old rock group, Grand Funk Railroad:

Take it easy, baby,
there ain't no need to worry,
the world won't end tonight
so tell me, what's the hurry?
You've got to take it nice and easy,
just one step at a time,
just take it
as you find it,
and you know it'll be alright, soooo ...
take it easy baby,
ain't no need to worry ...

And so on.  See? I told you you'd laugh! :)

I somehow found this particular song's lyrics to be useful when I was experimenting with hallucinogens.  Whenever I would start to peak and things started to get kind of crazy, I found that repeating these lyrics would allow me to "step outside" myself, remove myself from the increasing feeling of being on the verge of losing control.  I'd take a few slow, deep breaths and within a minute, I'd be back under control. Pick a song of your own: "99 Bottles of Beer," "Take it Easy," "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," whatever.  Find what works for you.  All it takes is a simple, calming lyric to get you through those first few minutes of "panic," and the rest becomes easy.  When confronted by a "monster" in SP, it's one thing to intellectualize and say, "Oh, this thing isn't real" -- but the fear certainly is.  Once you get over that first minute of fear, the intellectual, rational part of yourself can, indeed, take control -- and that's when you get the satisfaction of turning a frightening experience into a fun one, that YOU control.

Hope that helps,

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