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Love in the Afternoon:
The Continuing Saga of a Lucid Dream Serial
Art by Haynes King
Once again I was spurred on by a book, this time a book on the paranormal in which the author made the salient observation that many people try to channel dead celebrities, yet why not try to channel living celebrities, so the results -- a forthcoming song from Michael Jackson, say -- have a chance of being verified?  I wondered if I could replicate my early "finding John Lennon" successes with people who were still alive.  A promising opportunity presented itself in 1985, in the form of a wildly improbable post-holocaust science fiction premise placing me with some survivors of a destruction that had decimated the population and rendered the earth susceptible to magic.  This exciting lucid dream featured Bay Area rock star Huey Lewis, of Huey Lewis and the News fame ("The Heart of Rock and Roll," "The Power of Love," etc.).  By listening to his music and studying his face I developed a similar fixation to the one I had had on Lennon, this time successfully programming for simulated encounters in which we were an "item."
This state of affairs, while fun, left too much to chance; I wanted consistency.  Whenever I detected a false awakening in progress, I could get up and rove a reasonably accurate mental replica of my house and neighborhood.  So I cultivated that sense of rousing in a duplicate bedroom, using "OBE" techniques among others, and had only to establish Huey, or Hugh as I usually called him, as living somewhere in this carbon-copy reality.  To call forth his image I reviewed his songs in my mind while dreaming, with an aim to constructing a scene of him and his band performing in concert locally.  Additionally, if I encountered a crowd, I could pick out someone similar to him and gradually sharpen the resemblance by interacting with him as Hugh, or ask some other dream character to point him out.
My House at the Time
Since this Huey Lewis was undeniably a dream character and "meeting" him was just as easy as it had been with Lennon, this put the final nail in the coffin of my fancy that I'd been contacting the dead Beatle in the afterlife.  But my "wanna-believer" side was still around and now I kept hoping for some evidence of shared dreaming or psychic contact with the living rock star.  As it turned out I kept hoping in vain, beyond a few small exciting but ultimately unconvincing tidbits now and then.  For instance,  when I asked dream-Huey his wife's name, he said "Cindy," and I later found out that the real singer's wife's name was "Sidney," which was surprisingly close, but this could have been merely coincidental, or I may even have seen the information in a magazine or something then forgotten about it.
Huey Lewis
In any case, ultimately dream-Huey settled into a wholly imaginary community center in what would be a church in outer reality, as the recreation director.  The building respectably remained on its site over the years, but its interior layout changed from time to time, so I sometimes needed the receptionist to page my vibrant friend -- and eventual dream husband -- lest I waste time looking for him.  I had a grand good time with all the music and other activities, from basketball games to horseback riding.   So I never became the next Madame Blavatsky after all, or found any reason to think of "OBEs" as anything other than a kind of lucid dream; but I'd developed a level of proficiency in dream control that not many people could claim to possess.  I  still occasionally invoke Huey Lewis concerts in my dreams to this day, for nostalgia's sake.
So Then What Happened?
Isn't It Over Yet?