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In Search of the Shared Dream:
A Case History
Art by Hugh Goldwyn Riviere
Other, nonmillenial instances of dream parallelism continued to occur between Joyce and myself.  In one particularly memorable case in 1986 or so, I lucidly dreamed of a family picnic at the local park, happily graced with the presence of Huey Lewis, a handsome rock star on whom I had a crush at the time.  I improvised to my grinning niece that one of her own favorite singers, Julian Lennon, had been supposed to come too but must have been held up.  My "date" and I then strolled off in quest of beverages to my house, where we found in the mailbox a puzzling eggplant with a humorous message from the missing performer, garnering much laughter.
Julian Lennon
My niece knew I had been having dreams set locally featuring my jukebox hero, so it did not terribly surprise me when she reported having such a dream herself.  I did take notice, however, when she reported a number of the same elements as the above incident displayed: a family picnic in the same park, there being "something between" me and Huey, Julian not showing up like he was supposed to, my walking off with my own friend, and my father not being present at the picnic site (he sat in the house in my version).  Both Joyce and I slept in the daytime back then, as well.  Still, nothing here was so very odd; we often had family picnics, my father liked to keep to himself, and it wouldn't take much imagination to have me carrying on with Huey!
In another case we each dreamed of meeting Yoko Ono, the widow of Julian's father John Lennon, on a street; in both of our dreams the woman looked peculiarly short, the size of a small child.  In February 1991 came another interesting case, after which I metaphorically kicked myself for not having written down an account, for we had both dreamed of sitting together talking about dream control (Joyce remembered some of the specific dialog from her dream, but I unfortunately did not).  We also occasionally shared similar themes in dreams, such as exploring a UFO or attending a party.  That summer we tried for a week to induce shared dreams intentionally, having as our goal meeting in the park again, but despite spending our waking time visiting vacation sites together for similar "day residues," and biking around the real town together, the closest we came to succeeding with the experiment was that my niece's dream of a picnic at the park marred by bomber planes had some affinity to one of my own about survivors of a nuclear war gathering to eat.
UFO (you knew that)
Who knows how many cases of parallel dreams we may have missed, for we did not routinely swap dreams, only those particularly memorably plotted ones in which we both appeared as characters and that seemed like likely candidates.  Unfortunately, most of the time neither of us kept journals and so we were rarely completely sure of the dates of our dreams.  Even in the case of the millenial dream, which I had recorded on awakening, I suspected that rather than my niece's account triggering memories of further details, my mind might construe false memories of some specifics in a natural tendency to want to make the two accounts jibe (for example, after hearing her describe two headless men's bodies I thought I remembered there being two severed men's heads under the car in my dream, but when I checked my notes only one was mentioned).  We did both live in the same town for many years and grow up as friends, providing us with a genetic, geographical and social predisposition for generating the occasional similar dream by coincidence.  Similar input producing similar dreams -- though I'm sure that some believers would say that those similar life experiences formed a mental bond to facilitate genuine mutual dreaming!
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