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In Search of the Shared Dream:
A Case History
from Janice:
Shared dreaming. There are those who crave it, those who ridicule it and those who reserve their opinions about it.

Then there are those who say they have experienced it.  I used to wonder about that myself.
In August 1985, I called my sister Helen, then highly interested in television evangelists and the Charismatic movement, to describe a vivid dream of mine depicting the Rapture, that episode of Christian eschatology when the saved ascend to heaven.  I drew a crude crayon picture on black construction paper of the image, a striking but somewhat disconcerting one since I was not of the born-again ilk myself.
Much to my surprise, within a few days my sister's teenaged daughter Joyce called back to tell me she had recently had a dream similar to the one above, which her mother had described for her.  Not only did my niece's dream include an apocalyptic drama, its earlier scenes rang an eerie bell with me.  I checked my journal and sure enough found incidents corresponding to those she described, which apparently filled in certain gaps in mine.  Had we somehow blundered into territory I had seen hinted at only fleetingly in articles about psychic phenomena?  Had we, somehow, shared a dream?
In my version, I slipped into an OBE-type lucid dream, dismissed an owl and an eagle intruding at the window of my bedroom, and went flying around the area in the company of an invisible companion.  This resulted in a frustrating sequence including a few false awakenings and then a nonlucid dream in which an old woman ushered me and an unknown girl out of her fairy-tale cottage.  Upon exiting this I found myself outside a convenience store near my home.  In the parking lot stood a car under which lay a talking, severed man's head or two, dreamsign enough to get me lucid again.  I walked down my driveway, conversing briefly with a woman in her back yard about the odd pink birds milling about, then circled up a neighboring street, along which crept a giant leafy vine.
"I found myself outside a convenience store near my home."
When I neared my own house again, night suddenly fell and off in the sky to the northwest hung a stream of copper and silver falling stars, forming a bridge up which a multitude ascended to heaven.  After investigating a litter of kittens on my neighbor's lawn, one wearing a collar tagged "Buzz Armstrong" after the Apollo astronauts, I went in my house.  Upon finding my parents seemingly dead, I exercised my lucid prerogative and woke them to advise them of the Rapture.  I could only carry one of my two cats in the cat carrier with me and so chose the young one over the old one who had had a long life already, but I soon woke.
Janice's crappy sketch of her dream image
My niece's somewhat congruent experience had begun with her flying with me, specifically, and included a scene with us inside a small house with an old woman and two headless men's bodies that moved and spoke.  When we left and parted, she went to her own nearby house.  A black thunderstorm suddenly signaled the proverbial End and she found herself faced with the difficult decision of which to save: her cat, her younger sister, or her record albums.  We had both been exposed to television evangelists and born-again talk, so it wasn't too odd that we should dream about the end of the world, but we had not to our knowledge seen any television programs or shared any other experiences around that time that would have prompted the unusual imagery or symbolism of the decapitation theme.
This is a revised version of an article which originally apeared in LuciDream Journal in 1992.
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