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The Lucid Dreaming Nook
Art by Rene Magritte
This section of my webspace is dedicated to lucid dreaming.  The first part consists of articles by myself and my husband, Jay.  The second contains articles by lucid dreamers that I came to know through alt.dreams.lucid or elsewhere.  Enjoy!
Articles by Janice and/or Jay:
Notes on WILDs
False Awakenings, OBEs and Me
Love in the Afternoon: The Continuing Saga of a Lucid Dream Serial
In Search of the Shared Dream: A Case History
Discovering How We Create and Control Our Dreams
Paradigms Lost: The Broader Implications of Lucidity
Articles by Others:
Blueboy's Lucid Dreaming FAQ
The I.A.I. Training Technique by Thomas Gjedde
How to Have Total Control by ld_wolfman
Notes on Lucidity by RMS
OBEs and Lucid Dreams by RMS