How to Have Total Control
by ld_wolfman
Art by Mark Penberthy
Some of the people reading this might be thinking, "Hey, I thought this guy just started lucid dreaming!"  While you are right about that, I also already average 4+ lucid dreams a night, and in each I exercise full control.  I don't mean to sound cocky; I just want to give myself some credibility in the skeptics' eyes.

While there are probably a few things in here that you are already aware of, I have found that very few sites (or posts) give much extensive information on dream control.  Here goes:

1. Confidence.  This you probably know; nonetheless it is extremely important.  Remind yourself that this is your world!  It is also important to train yourself to be 100% POSITIVE that you are dreaming.  If even a small part of you says, "Hey, what if I'm not dreaming ...." you can't count on much control.  As a rule of thumb: if you are pretty sure you are dreaming, you definitely are.  This is especially true if you can do something like fly.

2. When you want something to happen, you need to tell your mind that you CAN do it.  So if you want to pass through a wall, you have to convince yourself that you can.  If you are pessimistic, it won't work.  This technique also works with people.  If you want someone to do something (i.e. go fly around with you or whatever), convince yourself that the person also really wants to do it.

3. You need to come up with an explanation of how you are doing something.  Do this step throughout your waking life, because you will be able to think more clearly then.  You can't just expect to pass through a wall magically.  Convince yourself that the wall is made of liquid, or that the wall is a hologram, etc.  If you forget this step, you might not be able to do something simply because your mind hasn't come up with an explanation.  This technique can also be used for people who have trouble flying fast or high up.  Think of something that seems powerful, for example rockets under your feet, and you should have no problem.

4. Challenge yourself.  Once you have more or less mastered the above steps, try new things that would seem scary in  waking life.  Here's an example: ask some really strong person to slug you.  When the person tries to hit you, imagine that YOU turn into a hologram, and that his fist passes through you.  Even if you mess up, the worst that can happen is that you wake up, so don't worry about getting hurt.  Not only do these exercises make you feel very powerful at that moment, they act as stepping stones to even more uncanny acts.

5. Have fun.  This might sound obvious, but a lot of people don't seem to realize all the fun stuff you can do when you have total control.  Here are some fun ideas you can do when you've mastered everything above:

- try increasing your flying heights and speeds to the extreme.  Flying into space, to the moon, etc. in mere seconds.

- try using telekinesis (a.k.a. "the force").  In other words, try using objects from across the room.  If some monster comes at you, stop him in mid air and throw him back.

- try leaping off some 50-storey building, and flying away when you get near the bottom.  This one is a big rush (and very fun).

There are obviously many, many more control-oriented ideas of what to do.  If you have a good one, please post it to alt.dreams.lucid as a reply.  Also, if you agree/disagree with anything I said here, or if you want to add anything, please post a reply for that, too.
Art by Richard Hess
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