By Thomas Gjedde
A last word: do this at night when you go to sleep.  And do it if you awake in the middle of the night.  And do it in the morning, if you go back to sleep.  As we all know, it's easiest to lucid dream when having rested for 5 hours.

I don't even make tiresome excercises in the day anymore.  Only 5-8 short reality checks (and I don't even know if it's needed).

The only thing I "do" in the daytime is having an
INTENTION to be a lucid being in my dreams.  And thus it's not even something I "do."  Because I have already done it.  And what is it, I have done?  Right!  I have CLARIFIED MY DESIRE and thus formed an INTENTION!

This I.A.I. is not a technique.  This is training.  If it doesn't work one night ... it actually has worked!  Because it is training!  It's not a technique.  It's training, and thus you're becoming better and better!

Well, could I be wrong?  Maybe ... maybe this night I won't have a lucid dream ... maybe, maybe, maybe.  But I needed to share it.  And I will keep you updated on my results with this training.  I hope you will train too.

One more last word: Carlos Castaneda did NOT tell one to notice the moment when you fall asleep, though it sounds like it.  With "fall asleep" he means dreaming.  And he advocates only one thing to become lucid, and that is INTENDING it.  I do the ATTENTION thing too, though.  I think it's very cool training (and it's also sort of doing WILD).

Of course all these ideas have been mentioned a lot of times before, but mostly as techniques.  I view it as
TRAINING and I have put it together.  But of course I'm not trying to take credit for anything.  I'm just trying to find what works.  And this has worked very well so far!

Try it tonight!!  The I.A.I Training!

INTENTION (Clarifying your desire once and for all & affirming your intention 1-3 times while falling asleep.)

ATTENTION (Notice the moment you fall asleep & notice what happens just before.)

IMAGINATION (If you reach the line between dreaming and awake use your imagination to enter the dream & eventually you can use it also long before you reach the line; for some reason I think it helps.)

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