by Thomas Gjedde
Hi there,

I have been lucid some times before in my life; training with reality checks and so on. Then there have been periods in my life where I wasn't motivated, etc.  But then I got motivated again, and I found something a short while ago, and now I have been lucid 5 nights out of 5 -- with 9 lucid dreams in those 5 nights!!!

I'll tell you how I do it.  I call it

I: Intention
A: Attention
I: Imagination

I only do about 5-8 reality checks a day -- just to keep the option of making sure in a dream, that I'm dreaming, fresh.

Let me explain the
I.A.I now:
I: Intention


Do you want to have lucid dreams?  Do you want to be a being who is conscious when dreaming?  Does every part of you desire to become lucid?  If not, there might be some resistance.  So the first step in the
INTENTION is to CLARIFY YOUR DESIRE. And thus INTEND to be lucid when dreaming.  CLARIFY YOUR DESIRE!
A: Attention

When you go to sleep, try to notice the moment you fall asleep.  Notice when you begin to lose consciousness.  When you do, you can tell yourself: "Now it happens," or something like that.  When you have hypnagogic thoughts, you can tell yourself: "This was a hypnagogic thought," or something like that.  The thing is this:

*****   PAY ATTENTION   *****

This is really cool training!  And while you
PAY ATTENTION, you can at the same time affirm your INTENTION to become lucid (the second step in the INTENTION), in your dreams tonight!

My advice when doing this affirming is, do NOT repeat your intention like a mantra.  This is very tiresome.  You only need to do it once, two or three times with 5 min. between or so.  That's because you do NOT need words to have an
INTENT. You just need to INTEND!
I: Imagination

If you reach the fine line between awake and dreaming,
USE YOUR IMAGINATION to enter the dream!  Here are some tips:

1) You can imagine you are doing some kinesthetic activity (looking through your own eyes, feeling your body).

2) A softer approach is visualising you are doing something.  Still associated (looking out through your own eyes).

3) If you feel it's hard to enter the dream,
CREATE HYPNAGOGIC IMAGERY yourself!!! Make some weird pictures and scenes, and let them shift rapidly and randomly.  This will suck you into the dreamworld.

Listen!  You can also
USE YOUR IMAGINATION before reaching the fine line between awake and dreaming.  Then I use the "kinesthetic activity" trick: skiing, skating, flying, spinning, falling.  For some reason I think it helps.
There you are!
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