Anthony Hopkins Projects
Here you will find information about all of Anthony Hopkins' projects from his entire professional career.  If a title is in blue, then it is a link and you can click on it to see a picture or pictures relating to the production.  These particular pictures all come either from Tony's biographies or else from the associated videotape, DVD and soundtrack album packaging unless otherwise indicated.  So far I only have the 1960s-70s completed, but this is a work in progress so check back now and then!

Except as noted, all video/DVD information in this section refers to Region 1 NTSC (US and Canada) releases only.

Julius Caesar (theater)
Role: Metellus Cimber.  Shakespeare's classic tragedy about the assassination of the Roman emperor.  Also starring: Paul Curran, Daniel Massey, Ian Bannen.


Changes (film)
Role: husband.  Tony's first film, a very low budget short romantic drama about a wife who leaves the husband who ignores her.   Based on a story by James Scott, its director.  Also starring: Jacqueline Pearse.


A Flea in Her Ear (theater)
Role: Etienne Plucheux.  French farce by George Feydeau about a woman trying to trap her innocent husband into committing an infidelity.  According to his biographies, Tony took over his role from Robert Lang.  Also starring: Edward Hardwicke, Geraldine McEwan.

Juno and the Paycock (theater)
Role: An Irregular Mobilizer.  Play by the Irish playwright Sean O'Casey about the strutting drunkard "Captain" Boyle and his family's various personal tragedies.  Also starring: Colin Blakeley, Joyce Redman.

A Provincial Life (theater)
Role: Dr. Boris Ivanov Blagovo.  Adaptation by Peter Gill of Anton Chekhov's story "My Life," about a young man who rebels against his bourgeois family and goes working class.  Also starring: Geoffrey Whitehead, Susan Engel.


Dance of Death (theater)
Role: A sentry.  Dark play by August Strindburgh about an unhappily married couple who, after illness strikes, learn that they loved their life of hurling insults at each other after all.  Also starring: Lawrence Olivier, Geraldine MacEwan.  Tony was Olivier's understudy and was called upon to step in for him for several performances.

The Three Sisters (theater)
Role: Andrei. Anton Chekhov's play about three sisters and their loves and dreams.  Tony's role was that of their brother.  Also starring: Jeanne Watts, Joan Plowright, Louise Purnell.

As You Like It (theater)
Role: Audrey.  Yep, Audrey.  This was an experimental all-male production of Shakespeare's comedy about romantic goings-on in the Forest of Arden.  Also starring: Ronald Pickup, Charles Kay, Derek Jacobi.

A Heritage and Its History (television)
This is listed at as Tony's TV debut, but I can't find any other confirmation of his being connected with it other than a reference at the HopkinsVille site, which lists it as a theatrical performance for 1968 (along with something called A Company of Five, for which I can find no information whatsoever).  I've given it a tentative date of 1967 since if it really was his TV debut it would have to have predated A Flea in Her Ear (see below).  Evidently it was a 1965 play by Julian Mitchell based on a novel by Ivy Compton-Burnett about a man who fathers a child by his aged uncle's young wife.

A Flea in Her Ear (television)
The Internet Movie Database lists this as Tony's first TV appearance, but it isn't mentioned as such in his biographies.  Also starring: Peter Cellier, Edward Hardwicke.  Look above within the 1966 theatrical version's notes for a synopsis.

The White Bus (film)
Role: Brechtian.  A pop-art satirical short revolving around an open-top bus driving slowly through the slums of Manchester.  Also known as
Red, White and Zero.  Also starring: Arthur Lowe, Patricia Healy.  Based on a story by Shelagh Delaney.


Hamlet (theater)
Role: Claudius.  Performed live for a few weeks before being filmed as a movie.  See below under the movie version for more information.

The Lion in Winter (film)
Role: Richard the Lion-Hearted.  Superlative film adaptation of James Goldman's play depicting the power struggle between Henry II of England and his family and allies.  Unforgettable dialogue and performances.  Also starring: Katherine Hepburn, Peter O'Toole, Timothy Dalton.  Available on VHS and DVD although VHS may be out of print or close to it.  Soundtrack album available.


The Looking Glass War (film)
Role: John Avery.  Adaptation of John le Carre's Cold War thriller about a young Polish defector who agrees to do a little dangerous spying in East Germany in exchange for political asylum in Britain.  Also starring: Christopher Jones, Ralph Richardson.  Released on VHS but now seems to be out of print; however, it's scheduled for release on DVD in December 2003.

Hamlet (film)
Role: Claudius.  Film version of Shakepeare's tragedy about the melancholy Prince of Denmark who discovers that his uncle murdered his father and married his mother in order to usurp the throne.  Also starring: Nicol Williamson, Judy Parfitt, Marianne Faithfull.  Was released on VHS but is now out of print and a bit rare.
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