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The Magic Zone
^Fats and Corky: "There's never been a magician like him."
One afternoon in 2003 when I was watching my videotape of Magic, I thought how nice it would be to have the beautiful Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack to this movie.  In a matter of days, I saw an announcement at one of the fan groups that the soundtrack album had finally been released!  It includes all the great photos you see on this page.  It's a limited collectors' edition, so if you want one, grab it.  The manufacturer's website is:

^Corky and Peg: "I bet they don't give service like that at Grossinger's."
^Corky, Fats, and agent Ben Greene: "You're a good kid, Corky."
^Working magic: "It turned into a heart while I was holding it!"
<The art of murder: "Do it beautifully ..."
^The cast: Burgess Meredith, Anthony Hopkins, Fats, Ann-Margret, and Ed Lauter.          
^"Why didn't you two at least grunt at each other?"
You'll never know how many people want to believe in magic.