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Lecter's Lair
In another Lecter-related dream that I had some years later, I was in a high school classroom where some of the kids were acting up and teasing me.  Then I happened to look at the window and there was Hannibal outside in a thunderstorm, with his face pressed up against the glass (rather like in the picture that I've distorted above).   Everyone freaked.  I thought it was hysterically funny, and it helped me realize that I was dreaming.  Of course I was careful to impose the interpretation that this was just "my" Anthony Hopkins character while talking to him.  He seemed to think the young hoodlums had it coming for behaving so rudely.

On another occasion, when I was approached by two threatening men on a dark street in a dream, I turned the tables on them by making my voice come out as Hannibal's.  The would-be muggers fled in terror.  Yes, there's something to be said for having an inner Hannibal Lecter to protect you.

I've also had the opportunity to help
him out.  In one dream I was in a place that could replicate 3D environments and characters in the manner of a Star Trek holodeck.  The sudden appearance of a computer-generated Hannibal Lecter beside me gave me a start!  But he was quite friendly and affectionate and I helped hide him from the people who were hunting for him in the simulation.   A romantic assignation was thwarted by my prematurely waking up, an all too common problem with my dreams.

In a later incident Hannibal lived in an apartment across the hall from mine in some imaginary building.  I paid him a brief visit then excused myself to take care of something I wanted to do.  He stood half hidden in the shadowy doorway watching and waiting for me to return.   Unfortunately I lacked enough self-awareness to realize even dimly that this was a dream so I got caught up in what was going on at "my place" and never did get to go back.  :-(
"I do wish we could chat longer, but ..."
... I'm running out of good stories!  If I turn up any more amusing Lecter anecdotes I'll be sure to put them up here.  Till then, "Tata!"
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