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Number 2
I had been thinking of putting up some desktop themes for download here, but then I realized that I could only make ones that would be guaranteed to work in Windows 95 and 98.  So instead I'm offering the components separately.  If you have the right software you can combine them with the wallpapers from the previous page and put them together into themes of your own that will work with newer operating systems like Windows XP.  Or if you wish you can just use whichever components you want individually by applying them through the appropriate part of the Windows Control Panel.

NEW: For the benefit of people who don't have an unzipping program such as Winzip, the file archives on this page are now packed into self-extracting, zipped executable files.   Run the .exe files to start a little program that will extract all the files inside when you hit the Unzip button at the top right of the program's window.  If you don't like the default file path I've chosen (C:\Temp\Janice), either change the "Unzip to folder" line before you hit the Unzip button or locate the files after they're unzipped and move them wherever you want.  Just remember to have them in a permanent location before applying them through the Control Panel, so Windows will always know where to find them.
Nothing to write home about, just basic slideshow screensavers, but they work.  :^)   I used some of the very nicest downloadable pictures available to make the first two, which contain black-and-white portraits and color portraits respectively.  The third is made up of my screenshot wallpapers, and the fourth consists of  press photos from the Gallery.  Each is a self-contained, standard screensaver .scr file.  The easiest way to deal with these is to put them wherever you like, make shortcuts to them on your desktop, and run them from the shortcuts.  If you want them to show up on the list when you go to change your screensaver in Windows, then you will have to put them into a specific folder which will be different depending on your version of Windows.  In Windows 95, 98, or ME, this location is C:\Windows\System.  With Windows NT4 or 2000, the place to go is C:\Winnt\System32.  And finally, if you have Windows XP you need to put them in C:\Windows\System32.  However you do it, remember not to move your mouse or press a key until you're done watching the slideshow, or it will stop!  

Hopkins_1.scr.exe (756 KB)
Hopkins_2.scr.exe (769 KB)
Hopkins_3.scr.exe (1.99 MB)
Hopkins_4.scr.exe (1.27 MB)
This is a zipped .exe file containing .wav sound files of Anthony Hopkins playing the piano from the August soundtrack, which you can use for sound events like Start Windows, Exit Windows, Empty Recycle Bin, etc.

HopkinsSoundEvents.exe (1.01 MB)
Here are lots and lots of 32X32 desktop icons that you can use in Windows for My Computer, My Documents, the Recycle Bin, etc., if you know how to change them.  There's a color set, a black-and-white set, and a Silence of the Lambs set.

Hopkins_Color_Icons.exe (53.0 KB)
Hopkins_BW_Icons.exe (48.5 KB)
Lecter_Icons.exe (45.5 KB)
At long last, here are some cursors to go with the icons: 12 regular cursors in basic blue plus six animated cursors (2 black-and-white and 4 color) to choose between for the Busy and Working In Background functions.

Hopkins_Cursors.exe (87.0 KB)
What are x-faces?  Well, if you have to ask, you probably don't want these.

X-faces are 48X48, black-and-white graphics that can be displayed by Macintosh newsreaders as well as a couple of free Windows newsreaders such as X-News and Gravity.  They go out with your Usenet newsgroup posts and anyone with a properly equipped newsreader can see them.  Most people, however, can't.   They do
not work with Outlook Express or Netscape.

Anyway, I've made a few Hannibal Lecter and Fats x-faces, which I often use when posting to newsgroups.  Pictures of them appear below.  If you'd like to use these and you know what you're doing, click on the strip to bring up a text file containing the code needed to generate them.
Just for fun, here's the original composite image I had made that I turned into the Santa Lecter x-face.  "Merry Christmas, Clarice."
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