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The following are MP3 files that I made to showcase four albums that featured narrations or music by Anthony Hopkins.  The first album, Shostakovich: Symphony No.13 ('Babi Yar') as performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Decca Records 1995), is out of print.  It included readings by Hopkins of selected works  by the Russian writer Yevgeny Yevtushenko.  The second album, Christus Apollo (Telarc 2002), is still available.  On it Hopkins recites the Ray Bradbury poem of the same name, interspersed with music by the composer Jerry Goldsmith as played by the London Symphony Orchestra.  The third set of clips comes from the Hannibal soundtrack (Decca Records 2001), with background music composed by Hans Zimmer. The final two clips feature Hopkins playing his own compositions from the August soundtrack (Debonair Records 1996), which is, regrettably, out of print.  Note the fairly large download sizes.  Hope you enjoy them.

from "Babi Yar" - 1.01 (486 KB)
from "Humor" - 0.51 (406 KB)
from "In the Shop" - 0.55 (436 KB)
from "Fears" - 0.26 (206 KB)
from "A Career" - 0.42 (332 KB)

from "Christus Apollo," Part I - 0.46 (364 KB)
from "Christus Apollo," Part II - 0.48 (382 KB)
from "Christus Apollo," Part III - 1.01 (486 KB)
from "Christus Apollo," Part IV - 1.06 (518 KB)

from "Dear Clarice" - 0.42 (334 KB)
from "Let My Home Be My Gallows" - 0.36 (284 KB)
from "The Burning Heart" - 0.38 (300 KB)

from "The Garden" - 0.38 (302 KB)
from "Maiden's Prayer" - 0.36 (288 KB)
These are 800X600 desktop wallpapers that I made out of the two A&E portraits, some composited Silence of the Lambs images, some pictures from my press photo collection, and a number of screenshots that I took off the TV with my camera.  Click on one of the thumbnails to display the full-size picture, which you can then save to your hard drive by right-clicking it and choosing "Save Picture (or Image) As" from the pop-up menu that appears.  If you don't have a program that lets you use jpegs as wallpaper,  or any other means to convert jpegs into bitmaps, just choose "Set As Wallpaper" from the pop-up menu instead.  Additionally, any of the Tony background tiles on this website will work well as tiled wallpaper.
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